This is a collection of personal projects I work on and documentation on various subjects. Call it my personal notebook. This site is not a wiki and it's not a blog but rather the combination of both since I post articles but I update information on them. I like to share the information in case anyone would also need it. The website is a project itself. I'm not using any popular framework, I built the whole thing from scratch. I often find that installing an applicaiton framework and to start using it is more complicated than to just do the whole thing yourself. That way of doing things may not be the most efficient and the result is probably not as flexible/secure/nice/user-friendly but it sure is more fun. It is a good way to play around with PHP, javascript, httpd etc...

Some of the projects are hosted on github. You can find me at https://github.com/pdumais. All the code I post is free for use for any reason you want, but I cannot be liable if you experience any problem with it. I guess I could apply the MIT license on all my code.

Patrick Dumais
Email: website@<this domain name without www>