Cisco 1760 as an FXS gatewayLast edited on Sep 3, 2013

I recently was given a cisco 1760 with a 4 port FXS card and 2 DSPs. I decided to replace my PAP2T FXS gateway with that one instead.


I did not want the cisco gateway to register the FXS ports to the asterisk server. So the gateway will send an invite, but asterisk needs to know to which context that INVITE must be sent. To do this, in sip.conf I have configured the "host" with the ip address of the router. I needed to specify "insecure=invite,port". That way, when an INVITE comes from the gateway, asterisk will recognize the IP of the gateway and will associate it with that SIP peer from sip.conf


Cisco gateway

The cisco gateway is easy to configure. You need dial-peers which are basically dialplans. You need to configure voice ports and the SIP user agent.


With dial-peers, you configure patterns that needs to be matched and the destination it will go. So if you want to dial "734" and you want the call to be routed to voice port 1, then you would do:

dial-peer voice 704 pots
 destination-pattern 704
 port 2/0

You could also make several dial peers to be routed to the same voice-ports if you would like the port to have multiple extensions. By the way, when typing "dial-peer voice 734 pots", the 734 really is just a tag. It doesn't mean anything at a dialplan point of view.

Now if you want all calls to 10 digits numbers to be redirected to the Asterisk server, you would need a dial-peer that matches a 10digit number and sends the call to the sip-server:

dial-peer voice 1 voip
 destination-pattern .T
 session protocol sipv2
 session target sip-server
 session transport udp
 codec g711ulaw
 no vad


This is the configuration of the sip user agent. The configuration is pretty straight-forward:

service voip
 sip-server ipv4:


These configurations are only meant to configure voice ports aspects like inter-digit timeouts, gain etc.. In a basic setup, you don't need to configure anything in there. But this is what I'm using:

voice-port 2/0
 input gain -3
 no vad
 timeouts interdigit 5
 station-id name ciscofxs0
 caller-id enable