System On A Chip emulatorLast edited on Apr 9, 2015

I was looking at some online NES emulators the other day and it gave me an idea. What If I created my own emulator but for my own architecture instead of emulating an existing one? Of course that would be easier because I can decide what the architecture looks like instead of having to go through the specs of the platform I want to emulate. So I decided to create my own instructions with an assembler and a disassembler. The assembler converts the assembly code to a binary format (obviously) and the result can be downloaded. Again, this is my own virtual assembly and my own architecture so the instructions are encoded in my own format. Each instructions are (inneficiently)encoded on 64bit including a references to 2 operands, 1 immediate 32bit value and a condition code. Each instruction is conditional.

The emulator can be found at http://www.dumaisnet.ca/vm
The documentation about the architecture and the instruction set: Documentation

Since it is written in 100% client-side javascript, it was very easy to reuse the code and make command-line tools using node.js. I've created 3 tools:

  • An assembler: convert your source code to binary
  • A disassembler: convert binary file to assembly.
  • A Simulator: execute a binary

You can find the project on github at hrefhttps://github.com/pdumais/patasm