AVR32 OS for NGW100Last edited on Feb 25, 2012

These pages are meant to describe the AVR32 architecture and how to do standalone development. This is basically a collection of notes that I am writting to help myself. Ususally I would do that in a text file on my computer but this time I said to myself "Why not share it with everyone?". It is hard to find information about this as everyone is talking about linux development everywhere. If you search on google, chances are that you will land on a forum where a guy asked the exact same question you were asking yourself and someone will have answered "Look on the internet" so you will be back to square one. So I decided to write my own web page as I learn to get my project going. Basically what I want to do is to build an OS for the NGW100 board.

Development is done in assembly language. It is easier to know what you are actually doing and it is more fun. You won't find a lot of resources on how to get you started with ASM for this CPU. Again, everyone is talking about Linux and C/C++, which is fine, but not usefull for what I am doing.

So I hope this information can be usefull to someone else. And if you see something wrong with what I am doing please tell me. I want this information to be accurate, and I want my OS to work.