Aastra weather xml applicationLast edited on Feb 25, 2012


This application will only work for cities in Canada. The ministry of the Environment provides RSS feeds on a website for every (almost every) cities in canada. I made an application that downloads the RSS feed, parses it and then presents it in a format that is suitable for the Aastra phone. The current package has the city of Ottawa hardcoded in it but this is easily changed.



Aastra prime rate xml applicationLast edited on Feb 25, 2012

Prime rate

I wanted to have a way of seeing the current prime rate of the National Bank Of Canada every day. Instead of having a bookmark or a RSS reader, I figured it might be useful to have that information displayed on the idle screen of my a57i phone. This application is a good example to figure out how to write an Idle screen application. I haved added the url of my application in the "Poll" field under the "Action URI" page. That way, the application is downloaded every 3600 seconds and the idle screen is then refreshed. This application also includes the current outside temperature taken from the ministry of environment webpage.



Aastra contact list xml applicationLast edited on Feb 25, 2012

Contact directory

The Aastra 571 does not provide a phonebook button. This is not a problem since this can be done with the assignment of an XML application on a soft button. My contacts are all stored in a MYSQL database. This contact list is maintained on a page on my intranet website. You can see how usefull it would be to have that list accessible on all IP phones in the house. This application will do the trick.



Aastra ALI xml applicationLast edited on Feb 25, 2012

ALI request

These are not real ALI queries but for a non-critical application, it can do just about the same. Whitepages.com provide an API for making phone lookup and reverse lookups. All you need to do is go on the site and register to get a key that will allow you to execute 1500 queries each day. Executing this application while on an active call (with the Aastra phone of course) will allow you to retrieve the address of the calling party if callerID is available. At first, I wanted to have that application executed automatically when an incomming call comes in on the phone. I know this is possible with Action URIs but I never took the time to finish this.



Aastra 411 xml applicationLast edited on Feb 25, 2012

411 directory

canada411 has changed their webpage. This script does no longer work. I will try to update it when I get more time.
This application allows you to make 411 queries directly from an Aastra phone's XML browser. Basically, all it does is prompt the user for the name of a person and the city he lives in. Then a query is made on canada411.ca and the result is parsed and displayed on the phone. Of course, if canada411 change their output format, this application may not work correctly. I assigned soft button to access this application directly from the idle screen.